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Kalamazoo News Monitor (KNM) is a daily web publication that provides easy access to news, information, and resources that are directly relevant to people who live in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

KNM is a no-revenue public service, focused on providing community value.

  • Our promise to Kalamazoo readers and publishers is that we will work to tighten the connection between you.
  • Our mission is to increase local awareness and to enable civic participation – simply by making it easier to stay informed.
  • Our hope is that KNM will help reveal the gaps in current Kalamazoo coverage and inspire others to fill those gaps – so that KNM can share those stories and provide a more complete portrait of our city and its communities.

KNM presents content in much the same way as Facebook and Twitter – previewing the words and photos of the stories we link to, so that we can promote those stories to our followers. We chose a website as our sharing platform because it lets us centralize the local news within a pleasant, organized space, where stories can stay visible longer than in other places. 

We hope that publishers will welcome KNM as a sharing channel that sends more people to their websites every day and results in more people sharing those stories on their own social media channels. We'd like to be a rising tide that lifts all ships. 

KNM is edited and published by John Hilgart, PhD. His background includes English professor, marketing strategist, commercial writer, and blogger. His mandate at KNM is to focus on community relevance, equitable coverage of communities, and clarity of presentation. He lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

KNM's "Welcome" article will tell you a few more things about our thinking. 

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