Monday. October 25, 2021


Every month, the KPS publication Excelsior arrives in mailboxes all over the school district, providing broad updates, calendar dates, and feature stories. If you want to go deeper, there are three different ways to keep up with the KPS Board of Education and all the many ways they are assessing and evolving the school system. KNM provides some helpful links for the curious and for those who might want to get involved.

You can read the monthly KPS print publication, Excelsior, online, here.

You can keep up with the KPS Board of Education three ways.

As with any committee that makes community decisions, it is highly educational to attend or to watch video of at least one meeting. How does the group work? Who is on it? What do citizens say during the public comment period?

However, KNM is a huge fan of the KPS Board of Ed’s meeting minutes. When the agenda for the next meeting is published here, it includes tremendously detailed minutes from the previous meeting. The Committee Reports section is particularly informative.

Among other things, these minutes tell you what KPS is working on and where initiatives currently stand – from the system-wide to the grade- and school-building specific, from assessment approaches to new curricular developments.

If you want to step into stream of KPS planning, look for developments that may affect your child’s school or education, or consider contributing your thoughts and energies to our school system, the KPS Board of Ed minutes are a great way to get up to speed on what’s on the table right now.

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