Friday. September 22, 2023


In this week’s edition of KNM, you’ll see our ongoing exploration of how best to serve the community on a weekly basis, rather than with daily updates. Multiple feedback loops have told us that KNM’s thoughtful curation of news and information is more meaningful than the speed at which we post new items. So, we are working to craft an approach to KNM’s front page that will serve as a week-in-review, combined with a look ahead to community and governmental events.

We’ve taken advantage of the slower weekly rhythm to approach state news in a new way – by summarizing and linking to many stories within one KNM article. This will help us provide more state content without excessively diluting the local Kalamazoo focus on the homepage.

KNM has found friends and allies in all parts of the community, and we hope that everyone will continue to send advice, links, press releases, and ideas for collaboration to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are a local organization, journalist, or expert that seeks greater exposure for the aspect of the community you represent, or for a time-sensitive event of general interest – please get in touch.

Think of KNM’s weekly rhythm, identify the week(s) when KNM could give you the most useful promotional lift, and direct us to a webpage that provides all the relevant information (and images) in one place.

Thank you for being part of the Kalamazoo News Monitor experiment. Local news is dying in the United States, and Facebook, Google, and whatever Apple is about to do aren’t going to fix that. A city the size of Kalamazoo is lucky to have so much timely local information, even if it is spread all over the place and not currently seen by enough people.

Show your gratitude. Click through KNM’s summaries to the complete stories, published by many hard-working journalists and public servants, whose efforts are all that stand between us and not knowing what is happening in Kalamazoo or Michigan.

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