Sunday. April 14, 2024


You are one of thousands of people from Kalamazoo who have visited Kalamazoo News Monitor once, twice, sixteen, thirty, or fifty+ times in the last three months. (Thank you, Google Analytics.)

If you value what KNM provides, we could use your support in a very simple way: Every time you visit KNM and learn something new about Kalamazoo, promote a link to the site on your favorite social media channel. That’s the only way KNM will reach more people in Kalamazoo, because we have no paid advertising of any kind. 

We don’t appear at the top of Google search results, and you won’t see ads for KNM on other sites you visit. Even if you like/follow our Facebook page, you won’t necessarily see our posts, because we do not pay to “boost” them.

That’s why it’s so important for people who value KNM to personally promote it via their own social media. Your friends in Kalamazoo might not know about KNM until you tell them.

KNM has reached you. Help us reach others.

1. Follow KNM on Facebook or twitter. We’ll let you know when we’ve posted a news update – and throw in some entertaining content.

2. When you visit KNM and learn something new about Kalamazoo, promote the site on social media. Consider it a very small subscription price that supports greater awareness in your community.

Thank you for visiting. 

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