Monday. October 25, 2021


Like the daily and weekly news about Kalamazoo, essential community information and resources are located on many different websites. KNM would like to help make the most useful of those resources more visible and more easily accessible.

We’re using our Resources section for items we learn about that shouldn’t get lost in the daily and weekly changeover of timely news items. Take a look at what we’ve posted in this section so far, and let us know if you have thoughts about how KNM could be most helpful.

KNM is not the place to publish 115 links to all sorts of Kalamazoo websites and webpages. However, we might be the place to publish 30 resource articles that address 30 important areas of information or local services. We’re not a community bulletin board, but we might be a convenient shortcut.

KNM is not qualified to assess all the existing web resources directed at specific local populations and needs. We don’t know whose services or lists are complete or up to date. We will look to local subject matter experts and service providers to inform us if there is a reliable one-stop website/webpage for a specific area of information or need.

Need-based resource pages might include, but are by no means limited to: 

  • Food Aid
  • Housing Aid
  • Legal Aid
  • Healthcare Resources
  • Literacy Resources
  • Domestic Abuse Resources
  • LGBTQ Resources
  • Racism & Discrimination Resources
  • Immigrant & Refugee Resources
  • School-age Disability Resources
  • Childcare Resources
  • Elder Care Resources
  • Nonprofit Resources
  • Small Business Resources
  • Grants and Philanthropy
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