Monday. October 25, 2021


Click through for a list of the Lansing legislators who represent Kalamazoo County – Senator Sean McCann (D), and Representatives John Hoadley (D), Brandt Iden (R), Beth Griffin (R), and Matt Hall (R). The list includes links to each legislator's homepage and their voting record on the Michigan Votes site.

State Governor

Gretchen Whitmer (D)

Official homepage with links to press releases, Executive Orders, etc. :

State Senator

Sean McCann (D – District 20)

Kalamazoo County is State Senate District 20, represented by Sean McCann (Democrat).

State House Representatives

Four Michigan State House members represent portions of Kalamazoo County. One represents the City of Kalamazoo and somewhat beyond, sharing Portage with another representative, and two others split their representation between Kalamazoo Townships and other counties (Van Buren to the west and Calhoun to the east). The current state district map is here.

John Hoadley (D – District 60)

The City of Kalamazoo and portions of Portage and Kalamazoo Township are in State House District 60, represented by John Hoadley (Democrat).


Brandt Iden (R – District 61)

The rest of Portage, Oshtemo Township, Texas Township, Prairie Ronde Township, and Schoolcraft Township are in State House District 61 – represented by Brandt Iden (Republican).


Beth Griffin (R – District 66)

Kalamazoo County’s Alamo Township and Cooper Township are included in State House District 66 (which is otherwise made up of Van Buren County) – represented by Beth Griffin (Republican).


Matt Hall (R – District 63)

Kalamazoo County’s Richland Township, Ross Township, Comstock Township, Charleston Township, Pavilion Township, Climax Township, Brady Township, and Wakeshma Township are included in State House District 63, which also includes much of Calhoun County – represented by Matt Hall (Republican).

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